Headache vs Bodyache

Problem- Iodex is one of the oldest pain relief balms in the market that many of have used at some point or the other to get relief from muscular pain. Although the brand was still a well-known name in the market, it was slowly losing out to competition from the newer players. The dynamics of the pain relief had changed with the advent of sprays, gels, ointments etc., forcing the brand to re-think its strategy to stay relevant in the minds of the consumers.

Stategy- Majority of the competitors have positioned their products as a one stop solution for both headaches as well as body ache, whereas research proves that headache and body ache are different in nature and therefore, should be treated differently. So there lay an opportunity to re-establish the brand as an expert solution for body pain by educating the consumers of the difference between these two aches.

Idea- In our everyday life, we often use the word ‘headache’ as a source of unwanted annoyance in reference to either a person or a situation. In our creatives, we used this thought to imply that treatments meant for headache do not work for body pain.

Iodex for all kinds of body pain


Post copy- Why should you apply the same treatment for both headache and body ache when you have Iodex, an expert for every pain in the body?

Iodex for all kinds of body pain

The campaign was supported by TVCs and another burst of promoted posts on Facebook to further strengthen Iodex as the one stop shop for all kinds of body pain.

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