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Fear of missing out- In a day and age age where every life experience is Instagrammable, where we can see, update by update, all the terribly interesting things that our friends and acquaintances are up to – the fear of missing out is stronger than ever.

Conflict- How does one deal with this fear? Although a credit card appears to be the most viable solution, the nagging thought of running up a debt makes them wary of using it.

Our campaign approach- As a brand, we step in and reassure the consumer. We tell her that a purchase made with a credit card isn’t just a mechanical transaction. That there’s something inherently beautiful and infinitely human attached to it.


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Brand post on Facebook #1- Spending quality time with besties isn’t restricted to a lunch date or watching a movie together. Millennial women are venturing out on short holidays and road trips.


Brand post on Facebook #2- Millennial men don’t watch sports in front of their televisions anymore. They gather with their friends at larger venues like a Sports Bar and watch it on the big screen – mimicking, in a way, a live audience.


Brand post on Facebook #3- The concept of ‘solo travel’, spurred on by acclaimed films like ‘Wild’, is fast catching on with this generation.


Brand post on Facebook #4- The humble adda, the kitty parties, have evolved into afternoon luncheons and evening get-togethers. Cafés, bistros and bars happen to be the usual venues.


Brand post on Facebook #5- Young parents today are more open to alternative modes of learning – that go beyond just the prescribed books/ syllabus.


Brand post on Facebook #6- Post globalization, post the internet boom, Gen X men and women have been exposed to a world of ideas and expressions. And so their tastes have evolved, be it food, music or art.


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