Del Monte Italian

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Sunsilk Shampoo Banner

Sunsilk Silky Smooth

For Sunsilk Naturals Shampoo, we created a banner so smooth that when you rollover the hair, the mouse cursor slips down. › Launch banner   The banner screens-

Kellogg's Special K Tasty Mantras

Kellogg’s Tasty Mantras

Special K is the diet food division of the famous breakfast brand, Kellogg’s. One consistent problem of the brand was that their cereal was perceived to be bland, therefore the consumers didn’t stick to it for long. To counter that, Kellogg’s got Ranbeer Brar, a celebrity chef, to prepare 30 delicious recipes with Special K…

Completely Boss Microsoft Office365

Completely Boss

How to meet both the date and the deadline? Microsoft Office365 enables you to manage just that, helps you strike a balance between work and play. A Facebook app targeted towards the young information workers, takes the users through different situations both professional and personal, bringing out the product attributes in an interactive and engaging…

Nokia Tej Bulk SMS banner

Catch More

A standard web banner for a mobile app marketed by Nokia. The app sends and manages data for bulk SMSs. › Launch banner   The banner screens-

Windows 10 Paint 3D


Task- Create a compelling narrative around Windows 10 that appeals to teenagers residing in small town India. Your passion needs a platform. We want to connect with the teenagers in small town India. Their place may not have that throbbing energy of a metro but there’s something that burns with a steady flame. The fire…

Godrej Corporate Website


Godrej is a large corporate group which has several group companies and corporate identities under it. The task was to create a new corporate website for them that should bring out the brand’s proposition “Brighter Living” adapting to the new brand guidelines. The UX had to be designed to be equally friendly for both consumers as well as B2B audiences. The result was an…

Wake Up To Tooth Sensitivity

WUTS 2014

As part of our pitch presentation, we created a series of Youtube prerolls for Sensodyne’s ‘Wake up to Tooth Sensitivity’ campaign in 2014. Check out the Biting Coffee, Exploding Orange and the Stabbing Icecream-

Sensodyne Blow the Candle banner

Join the Celebration

On the occasion of Sensodyne (GSK) celebrating 5 years in India, a display campaign takes the user to the brand’s FB page where the loyalists are rewarded with a return gift. In the banner the user is prompted to blow out a candle to ‘Join the Celebration’. The banner uses the mic installed in the machine. However, in the absence…

ENO Holi

Holi, Gujia & ENO

Bring on the Gujias! ENO 4-Dose Value Pack will take care of acidity. Five second Youtube preroll ads on Holi.   Option 1-   Option 2-

Adidas All Superstars Unite

All Superstars Unite

Task- Adidas Originals Superstar is synonymous with street culture. It enjoys veneration from the creative fraternity as well as the youth. However, in India, our youth are not aware of the Superstar’s iconic status. The shoe was thought to be ‘too funky, too expensive’. Our task was to establish Superstar as the cult brand for all creative…

Iodex for all kinds of body pain

Headache vs Bodyache

Problem- Iodex is one of the oldest pain relief balms in the market that many of have used at some point or the other to get relief from muscular pain. Although the brand was still a well-known name in the market, it was slowly losing out to competition from the newer players. The dynamics of…