Symphony Geyser rich-media banner

Piping Hot Water

A rich-media banner campaign to launch Symphony geysers. Since the consumers strongly associated the brand with coolers, Symphony’s foray into the water heater market needed to be communicated in a distinctive way that would create a clear differentiation for their new product. Idea- We created a banner showing running water from a tap. When you…

Completely Boss Microsoft Office365

Completely Boss

How to meet both the date and the deadline? Microsoft Office365 enables you to manage just that, helps you strike a balance between work and play. A Facebook app targeted towards the young information workers, takes the users through different situations both professional and personal, bringing out the product attributes in an interactive and engaging…

WLT Microsoft Azure

Who Leads Tomorrow

Who Leads Tomorrow was an online contest to promote Microsoft Azure. The contest was meant for developers, challenging them to build the best cloud application using the Azure cloud platform. The winner/s would get an opportunity to visit the Microsoft’s headquarters at Seattle. We created a CLE and interactive video banners to invite entries for…

Sensodyne Blow the Candle banner

Join the Celebration

On the occasion of Sensodyne (GSK) celebrating 5 years in India, a display campaign takes the user to the brand’s FB page where the loyalists are rewarded with a return gift. In the banner the user is prompted to blow out a candle to ‘Join the Celebration’. The banner uses the mic installed in the machine. However, in the absence…

I Love You Guys Windows Phone

I Love You Guys

The biggest product launch for Microsoft in 2011 was their new Windows phone with Windows 7 OS. The challenge was to trigger an interest in young consumers who were in the market for a smartphone, a category already crowded with Andriod and IOS devices. The idea– Their global positioning for Windows 7 was ‘Put people…

Octocalcium Count your Calcium

Count Your Calcium

Insight- Although women are conscious about the external facet of their body, they tend to ignore the other facet, which is their internal strength. Their bone health. Idea- #CountYourCalcium. Through Facebook posts, Instagram, paid media banners and contextual messaging on sites frequented by women, we drive awareness of the importance of Bone Health and lead…

Del Monte Italian

Del Monte Italian 2017

Task- The Del Monte brand in India has a wide range of products from packaged foods, condiments to fruit juices. We were tasked to create a unique identity for their Italian range of foods. The communication was targeted to the upwardly mobile men & women, primarily living in metros. Here are some of the creative…

Kellogg's Cornflakes

KCF 2017

Task- Drive awareness for the KCF variants (Mango, Almond & Honey etc.) through various social channels leading to trials. The second task was to build and promote Real-Chef 2.0 as an activity for customization (an activation to source recipes through UGC). Approach- We proposed to promote the variants (flavours) story with promoted posts, animated GIFs,…

Webchutney We're Hiring banner

We’re Hiring!

A hiring ad inviting creatives to join a digital agency. It says late nights will be awarded with free Maggie noodles, a common office food. › Launch banner   The banner screens-

Del Monte Fruit Drinks

Don’t Be A Sucker

Problem- According to a Neilson market research study, Dabur’s Real leads the packaged juices market with a share of 54%, followed by PepsiCo’s Tropicana at 33%, Paper Boat at 1.5% and Del Monte only at 0.6%. Del Monte India, although having a wide range of unique flavours was still lagging way behind the competition because…

Nokia Tej Bulk SMS banner

Catch More

A standard web banner for a mobile app marketed by Nokia. The app sends and manages data for bulk SMSs. › Launch banner   The banner screens-

Tempest Cider branding

Tempest Cider

Product design, branding, POS and 3D simulation of the first cider brand in the country. The logo is designed using 3 special colours. Agency- DMAS Communications Pvt Ltd, Delhi.   Key visual-   In shop branding-   › Visit the web section