Del Monte Fruit Drinks

Don’t Be A Sucker

Problem- According to a Neilson market research study, Dabur’s Real leads the packaged juices market with a share of 54%, followed by PepsiCo’s Tropicana at 33%, Paper Boat at 1.5% and Del Monte only at 0.6%. Del Monte India, although having a wide range of unique flavours was still lagging way behind the competition because…

Creambell Africa Website

Creambell Africa

An HTML5 website for the launch of Creambell ice-cream brand in Africa. › Launch website | website on backup server   Home page hero banners-   Homepage sections-   Second level design, the ‘Take your pick’ page-   Parallax animation in ‘What goes in’ page-

Shopmatic Christmas

Shopmatic Christmas

Shopmatic manages the entire ecosystem for anyone wanting to start their own web-store, their tag line being ‘Anyone can sell online’. Based on this promise, we created this Facebook post for Christmas.   Post copy- You too can gift yourself an online business this festive season. With Shopmatic anyone can sell online. Visit http://www.goshopmatic.com

Adidas Stan Smith Think White campaign

Think White

Stan Smith- The original tennis shoe by Adidas enjoys the status of a wardrobe essential among fashionists. In India, however, there was no awareness about the iconic status of the shoe. More so, as they usually come in all white and thus perceived to be ‘too plain and boring’ by its hip target audience. Our task…

APC UPS Banner

No More Powercuts

An interactive banner for APC Home UPS Systems. We put two banners on the home-page of India Times, one static and the second one with a live changeover. When the user pulls the lever down, the entire home page goes dark except for the first banner which illuminates itself to drive home the message. ›…

Octocalcium Count your Calcium

Count Your Calcium

Insight- Although women are conscious about the external facet of their body, they tend to ignore the other facet, which is their internal strength. Their bone health. Idea- #CountYourCalcium. Through Facebook posts, Instagram, paid media banners and contextual messaging on sites frequented by women, we drive awareness of the importance of Bone Health and lead…

ENO Holi

Holi, Gujia & ENO

Bring on the Gujias! ENO 4-Dose Value Pack will take care of acidity. Five second Youtube preroll ads on Holi.   Option 1-   Option 2-

Tempest Cider website

Tempest Cider

A full-screen Flash experience for the first cider brand of our country. All props including the cider bottle featured in the website are digital illustrations. The staging link here may have some broken links. › Visit website   › Visit the print section

Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner

Keep Cool

Indian Summers are famously hot and humid and denim jeans are certainly not considered summer-friendly. Levi’s® launched the Cool Collection range, woven with Coolmax® fabric, crafted specifically to keep one cool and dry. The objective was to set a context in which the product benefit resonates with the audience better and therefore drives more relevance…

Godrej Corporate Website


Godrej is a large corporate group which has several group companies and corporate identities under it. The task was to create a new corporate website for them that should bring out the brand’s proposition “Brighter Living” adapting to the new brand guidelines. The UX had to be designed to be equally friendly for both consumers as well as B2B audiences. The result was an…

ENO 4 Dose Value Pack

Never Run Out of ENO Again!

Cricket is big in India and a tournament is an opportunity to garner great visibility for any brand. During the World T20 World Championship (2016), we found a way to push awareness for ENO’s new 4 Dose Value Pack using cricket as the background.

Come Together via Lync

Come Together via Lync

Your team members, friends or relatives may be at different places in different time zones, but that should not stop you from connecting with them and creating something together. This is what Lync, a product of Microsoft Office365 enables you to do. Idea- We created an acapella number and used it as a page take-over…