Blocked Video Otrivin

Blocked Video

Otrivin is a nasal spray from GSK which gives you quick relief from a blocked nose. A short preroll ad using the mock of a blocked video screen on Youtube.   Final render-   2nd cut-   1st cut-

Pringles Diwali 2017

Pringles’ first Diwali in India saw a lot of fireworks! Watch how Pringles India celebrated the festival of lights with its audience with an award winning campaign. Awards- Bronze, Goafest, 2018 | Bronze, Lighthouse Insights, 2018 › Watch the recording on Pringles Facebook page   Facebook live video-

Tempest Cider website

Tempest Cider

A full-screen Flash experience for the first cider brand of our country. All props including the cider bottle featured in the website are digital illustrations. The staging link here may have some broken links. › Visit website   › Visit the print section

Nokia Direct the Drama

Direct the Drama

Although Nokia was still the #1 player in India, it was was slowly losing ground in the highly competitive smartphone segments. Consumers remained unaware of Nokia’s innovations, and the numerous benefits of using a Nokia smartphone. The challenge– How to trigger consumer interest in Nokia Smartphones and win the heart of a fickle, self-absorbed youth…

Kelloggs Special K

Weight Management

A quick 5 second Youtube bumper ad to establish the new range of Kellogg’s Special K variants as your everyday weight management solution.   Manage weight-   Kickstart your weight management journey [Three cartons]-   Kickstart your weight management journey [Single carton]-

Sensodyne Blow the Candle banner

Join the Celebration

On the occasion of Sensodyne (GSK) celebrating 5 years in India, a display campaign takes the user to the brand’s FB page where the loyalists are rewarded with a return gift. In the banner the user is prompted to blow out a candle to ‘Join the Celebration’. The banner uses the mic installed in the machine. However, in the absence…

APC UPS Banner

No More Powercuts

An interactive banner for APC Home UPS Systems. We put two banners on the home-page of India Times, one static and the second one with a live changeover. When the user pulls the lever down, the entire home page goes dark except for the first banner which illuminates itself to drive home the message. ›…

WLT Microsoft Azure

Who Leads Tomorrow

Who Leads Tomorrow was an online contest to promote Microsoft Azure. The contest was meant for developers, challenging them to build the best cloud application using the Azure cloud platform. The winner/s would get an opportunity to visit the Microsoft’s headquarters at Seattle. We created a CLE and interactive video banners to invite entries for…

Symphony Geyser rich-media banner

Piping Hot Water

A rich-media banner campaign to launch Symphony geysers. Since the consumers strongly associated the brand with coolers, Symphony’s foray into the water heater market needed to be communicated in a distinctive way that would create a clear differentiation for their new product. Idea- We created a banner showing running water from a tap. When you…

Tempest Cider branding

Tempest Cider

Product design, branding, POS and 3D simulation of the first cider brand in the country. The logo is designed using 3 special colours. Agency- DMAS Communications Pvt Ltd, Delhi.   Key visual-   In shop branding-   › Visit the web section

ChocosFills 2018 Q1

Kellogg’s ChocosFills, 1st Quarter, 2018- ChocoRobbers’ quest for chocolaties continues through the 1st quarter of 2018.   Partaking in no limit parties-   A chocolaty jhanki (parade) on Republic Day-   A 10 second Buy now video-   An ingenious alternative to water for Holi-   Exams are just around the corner-   Hunger games-…

Crocin Donate 5 Minutes

Donate 5 Minutes

Task- The Crocin page on Facebook was getting limited traction from fans. The task was to encourage actions beyond likes and shares by making the the audience feel good about being associated with the brand. Insight- People love associating with causes on social media. But the truth is most of the audience are Slacktivists, which means they’ll take the…