ENO Merry Christmas

ENO Season’s Greetings

ENO gives you superfast relief from acidity, even our Youtube wishes are short and fast. Here is a couple of them on season’s greetings.   On Christmas, 2015-   On New Year, 2016-

Blocked Video Otrivin

Blocked Video

Otrivin is a nasal spray from GSK which gives you quick relief from a blocked nose. A short preroll ad using the mock of a blocked video screen on Youtube.   Final render-   2nd cut-   1st cut-

Sensodyne Whitening

Imprints of Indulgence

Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste.   Stages of render-

Completely Boss Microsoft Office365

Completely Boss

How to meet both the date and the deadline? Microsoft Office365 enables you to manage just that, helps you strike a balance between work and play. A Facebook app targeted towards the young information workers, takes the users through different situations both professional and personal, bringing out the product attributes in an interactive and engaging…

Adidas Stan Smith Think White campaign

Think White

Stan Smith- The original tennis shoe by Adidas enjoys the status of a wardrobe essential among fashionists. In India, however, there was no awareness about the iconic status of the shoe. More so, as they usually come in all white and thus perceived to be ‘too plain and boring’ by its hip target audience. Our task…

Octocalcium Count your Calcium

Count Your Calcium

Insight- Although women are conscious about the external facet of their body, they tend to ignore the other facet, which is their internal strength. Their bone health. Idea- #CountYourCalcium. Through Facebook posts, Instagram, paid media banners and contextual messaging on sites frequented by women, we drive awareness of the importance of Bone Health and lead…

Iodex Reach for Relief

Relief at Hand

A series of promoted posts on Facebook to strengthen Iodex as the one stop shop for all kinds of body pain. The creative challenge was to keep the text under 20% of the layout area.   Post copy- Whether business or leisure, travelling can sometimes leave your body stiff and sore. To know how Iodex…

Levi's Commuter

Levi’s® Commuter

Facebook posts during the launch of Levi’s® Commuter range of clothing in India. The Commuter jeans have the following attributes- 3M Scotchlite reflective fabric tape on cuffs for increased visibility in the dark. NanoSphere treatment for water- and dirt-resistance. Sanitized tech, an anti-microbial coating, for protection against odor. A raised back for increased butt coverage.…

Kellogg's Special K Tasty Mantras

Kellogg’s Tasty Mantras

Special K is the diet food division of the famous breakfast brand, Kellogg’s. One consistent problem of the brand was that their cereal was perceived to be bland, therefore the consumers didn’t stick to it for long. To counter that, Kellogg’s got Ranbeer Brar, a celebrity chef, to prepare 30 delicious recipes with Special K…

ENO Holi

Holi, Gujia & ENO

Bring on the Gujias! ENO 4-Dose Value Pack will take care of acidity. Five second Youtube preroll ads on Holi.   Option 1-   Option 2-

Godrej Corporate Website


Godrej is a large corporate group which has several group companies and corporate identities under it. The task was to create a new corporate website for them that should bring out the brand’s proposition “Brighter Living” adapting to the new brand guidelines. The UX had to be designed to be equally friendly for both consumers as well as B2B audiences. The result was an…

Kelloggs Special K

Weight Management

A quick 5 second Youtube bumper ad to establish the new range of Kellogg’s Special K variants as your everyday weight management solution.   Manage weight-   Kickstart your weight management journey [Three cartons]-   Kickstart your weight management journey [Single carton]-