Indrajeet Bose

Hi. I’m Indrajeet Bose and I’m a Creative Technologist specializing in visual content. 

In the cluttered world of digital advertising, brands that are walking away with the biggest piece of the pie are the ones who’ve cracked the content piece of the puzzle – be it short films, videos, immersive experiences or the use of technology.

Conceptualizing and executing ideas through eye-catching visuals and motion, engaging users with a game, telling a story in AR or eliciting a human response with a simple static post on social – is the kind of stuff I’ve been doing for the last 2+ decades working as a creative professional in various agencies. I recently moved out of Wunderman Thompson (erstwhile Wunderman) after spending 12 years there as an ECD/Digital Head.

I’ve been hands-on throughout my career, how else do you build and lead teams of specialized skills. Along the way, I picked up a few skills like Motion Graphics, UX/UI (like this website), VFX, CGI and AR platforms. I also got my feet wet with Object Oriented Programming and gaming engines (my next project of interest is a tie between Unity and Unreal).

It all started with an Intel 386 PC with 4 megabytes of RAM that my father brought home in the early nineties. I was in art college visiting home on holidays. The computer came pre-loaded with a software called ‘Banner Mania’. Type anything and the words would turn into amazing graphics dancing across our 14″ CRT monitor. It drove me insane; I didn’t want to go back to college after that where I was still messing around with a manual airbrush.

Later in the year, we added a CD-ROM and external speakers to the system which turned an already powerful machine into a Sci-Fi type multimedia unit.

I soon graduated from Banner Mania to more complex design programmes. I founded a prepress service bureau and learned the proprietary scanning and image-setting programmes of Celsis®, Creo Scitex® and Heidelbergh machines. Mastering to operate a drum scanner was more challenging than anything else I’ve ever learnt.

Microsoft,  Nokia, Airtel, Kellogg’s, Pringle’s, GSK, HSBC, Nestlé, Nescafé, Panasonic, Adidas, Reebok, Honda Car India, Mountain Dew, Times of India, Del Monte are some of the brands I’ve worked on.

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