ChocosFills 2018 Q1

Kellogg’s ChocosFills, 1st Quarter, 2018- ChocoRobbers’ quest for chocolaties continues through the 1st quarter of 2018.

Don’t miss the video at the bottom-

Partaking in no limit parties-

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Real party starts when chocolaty starts flowing. #NewYearParty

A chocolaty jhanki (parade) on Republic Day-

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ChocoRobbers’ show of strength on Republic Day.

An ingenious alternative to water for Holi-

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A social message from ChocoRobbers, playing Holi with chocolatey is a lot more fun than water 🙂

Exams are just around the corner-

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While the kids are burning the midnight oil and studying, ChocoRobbers have got their own reading to catch up to. Tricking chocolaty treats just like great grades does not come easy.

Hunger games-

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Grab your Kellogg’s Chocos Fills before they make a run for it. Get your pack here:

The Easter bummy!

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ChocoRobbers have some great plans for a chocolaty Easter. What are your plans, this Easter?

A 10 second video on social and e-comm sites with a ‘Buy Now’ CTA-

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While the chocolaty adventures are on, remember you can take crunchy ChocoRobbers home whenever you wish. Grab them at the store near you or buy here

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Some random projects-

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