Fear of missing out- In a day and age age where every life experience is Instagrammable, where we can see, update by update, all the terribly interesting things that our friends and acquaintances are up to – the fear of missing out is stronger than ever.

Conflict- How does one deal with this fear? Although a credit card appears to be the most viable solution, the nagging thought of running up a debt makes them wary of using it.

Our campaign approach- As a brand, we step in and reassure the consumer. We tell her that a purchase made with a credit card isn’t just a mechanical transaction. That there’s something inherently beautiful and infinitely human attached to it.

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Brand post on Facebook #1- Spending quality time with besties isn’t restricted to a lunch date or watching a movie together. Millennial women are venturing out on short holidays and road trips-

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Sometimes all you need are your girlfriends and an open road. Apply for an HSBC Credit Card and get attractive discounts and cashback at Make My Trip.

Brand post on Facebook #2- Millennial men don’t watch sports in front of their televisions anymore. They gather with their friends at larger venues like a Sports Bar and watch it on the big screen – mimicking, in a way, a live audience.

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No matter how the match ends, a night out with your boys is always a win-win. Apply for an HSBC Credit Card and get discounts on select curated experiences.

Brand post on Facebook #3- The concept of ‘solo travel’, spurred on by acclaimed films like ‘Wild’, is fast catching on with this generation.

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Leave the clutter behind, take only your thoughts with you. Apply for an HSBC Credit Card and get exclusive offers on international flights.

Brand post on Facebook #4- Young parents today are more open to alternative modes of learning – that go beyond just the prescribed books/syllabus.

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Watching your little one piece his world together, now that’s a special feeling. Apply for an HSBC Credit Card and get instant discount on Snapdeal.

Brand post on Facebook #5- Post globalization, post the internet boom, Gen X men and women have been exposed to a world of ideas and expressions. And so their tastes have evolved, be it food, music or art.

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Go back in time and pay a close tribute to the masters. Apply for HSBC Home & Away Privilege Programme to enjoy exclusive offers in over 160 countries.

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