Microsoft Storytellers

Task- Microsoft wanted to invite entries from their existing employee base to form a pool of corporate speakers who would then deliver lectures on their chosen subject matter on various corporate events.

Problem- Words like ‘Seminar’, ‘Presentation’ or ‘Keynote speech’ have very a stiff, formal quality about them. They all sound very official and serious. And it’s this ‘Seriousness’, this cold formality, that puts off a lot of people from wanting to take the stage and talk.

Idea- Displace the term ‘Speaker’ with ‘Storyteller’. And to achieve that, create an aura around the figure of the Storyteller. Romanticize him. Evoke the sense of wonder, of magic, that accompanies a storytelling session. Touch upon the enormous power and influence that the storyteller wields. When he sees our communication, the reader should want to be that storyteller, should want to step into his shoes and captivate the audience before him. And then we will offer him that window of opportunity.

We called the campaign Microsoft Storytellers.

Execution- E-mailers + tent cards + screensavers- using different storytelling tropes.


A teaser emailer to the employees-


The follow-up emailer introducing the programme-