Keep Cool

Indian Summers are famously hot and humid and denim jeans are certainly not considered summer-friendly. Levi’s® launched the Cool Collection range, woven with Coolmax® fabric, crafted specifically to keep one cool and dry.

The objective was to set a context in which the product benefit resonates with the audience better and therefore drives more relevance for the range.

Idea- We developed a ‘Keep Cool’ banner that gave a live temperature update and then plugged in a contextual product message. The banner would then direct the user to the campaign page that showcases the range and elaborates upon the fantastic technology backing it.

Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner

Execution- We created a temperature-location tracking dynamic banner using Flash and php for paid and owned media respectively. This banner would first detect a user’s IP through and script, then map the IP against a Geo IP database, and basis the location the weather in the user’s locale was pulled via a weather API. Another script would then detect the weather condition and would throw up the relevant version of the banner & site skin. All this would happen at the time the publisher’s homepage (i.e. MSN) loads. The messaging reflected on banner and site skin was in sync with the temperature/weather outside and in all scenarios; it gave the users a reason to switch to the Cool Collection. For instance, if it was a scorching 40 degree it pushed the Cool Collection as being a perfect fit, but for cities that may have had more pleasant weather, the messaging connected the breeze and comfort with the feeling of wearing the cool collection.


  • Dramatic increase in time spent by visitors on website (6mins+)
  • 6,068,483 impressions delivered 23,591 clicks
  • 0.39 % CTR
  • 12,111 Website visits

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The banner with different readings-

Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner


The MSN banner with different skins depending on the temperature-

Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner
Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner


The HTML5 landing environment for the Keep Cool campaign-

Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner
Levis Keep Cool Temperature Banner